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The Shakespeare Company of Greater Rochester Production #007
Shakespeare Readers Theater: The Apocrypha
November 7 - 22, 2003

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November 7 & 15, 2003
King Fernando, The Usurping King
Cardenio, The Deposed King
Sophonirus, A Noble
Helvetius, A Noble
Luscinda, Helvetius' Daughter
Anselmo, Brother to Cardenio
Lotario, Friend to Anselmo
Camilla, Wife to Anselmo
Leonella, Servant to Camilla
Bellarius, Lover to Leonella

Philip Frey
Danny Makali'i Mittermeyer
Andrew Cowen
Manuel Psyhos
Kimberly Niles-White
Andrew Cowen
Manuel Psyhos
Alecia Tahou
Kathryn Sherman
Christopher T. Barrett
Christopher T. Barrett
Alecia Tahou

The Two Noble Kinsmen
November 8 & 21, 2003
Palamon, Knight of Thebes
Arcite, Knight of Thebes (Nov. 8)
Valerius, Lord of Thebes
Theseus, Duke of Athens
Soldier of Athens
Jailor of Athens
Wooer to Jailor's Daughter
Daughter to Jailor
Emelia, Sister to Theseus
Hippolyta, Wife to Theseus
Brother to Jailor (Nov. 8)
Brother to Jailor (Nov. 21)

Gavin Roach
Timothy Goodwin
Philip R. Frey
Robert Hoose
Philip R. Frey
Andrew Cowan
Philip R. Frey
Megan Hoose
Jacqueline A. Madigan
Megan Hoose
Manuel Psyhos
Matthew Moore
Philip R. Frey
Robert Hoose

Arden of Feversham
November 14 & 22, 2003
Arden, Gentleman of Feversham
Franklin, His friend
Alice, Wife to Arden
Michael, Servant to Arden
Mosbie, Alice's lover
Mistress Greene, a former landowner
Mayor of Feversham
Black Will, a hitman
Shakebag, a hitman
A Ferry Pilot
, Sister to Mosbie

Matthew Dwight Moore
Robert Hoose
Lee Carter Browne
Wesley Williams
Philip R. Frey
Megan Hoose
Sara Moore
Andrew Cowan
Manuel Psyhos
Marcy J. Savastano
Marcy J. Savastano

Cardenio is dedicated to the memory of Mary Agnes Delany Matott


directed by Philip R. Frey

produced by Matthew Moore


The Shakespeare Company of Greater Rochester
dedicates the 2003 / 2004 Season
to the memory of
Lillian Giuliano



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