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Q: How can I join the Company? A: Check the audition page for details.
Q: I donated at a show (or sent a donation). Can I take a tax deduction? A: No. We are not currently a non-profit or not-for-profit organization. All income for The Shakespeare Company of Greater Rochester and is income for me, Philip Frey, the Companyís Founder and Artistic Director. Of course, all expenses are my expenses as well. (Not that the income has ever equaled the expenses, but thatís for another time.) I specifically do not encourage direct donations. If you want to help the program, come to a show and donate there. In the future I hope to have merchandise that can be both less expensive and result in a profit for me. At that time, buying merchandise will be a great help.
Q: Isnít there already a Shakespeare group in Rochester? Do we need another one? A: The group youíre thinking of is the Shakespeare Players, a program of the Rochester Community Players. I did, in fact, work with them for many years. (Just check my resume to see how much.) Although many members of the Company have also worked with the Shakespeare Players, we are different groups. And OF COURSE we need another one. Canít have too many.

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