The Baron of Arizona (1950) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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The Baron of Arizona - VHS
a.k.a. El Barón de Arizona
a.k.a. Der Baron von Arizona
a.k.a. Il Barone dell'Arizona
a.k.a. Svindleren fra Santa Fé
a.k.a. Uhkapeliä Arizonassa

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Directed by Samuel Fuller
Written by Samuel Fuller
Wood regulars
Edward D. Wood, Jr. (stunts)

Additional cast
Beulah Bondi
Ellen Drew
Vincent Price
Robin Short

Tells the story of James Addison Reavis (Price) and his attempt to gain comtrol of the Arizona Territory through the use of his wife (Drew) who he claims is the heir to a Spanish land grant.
Ed's involvement is apparently limited to stunt work. Rudolph Grey's Nightmare of Ecstacy states that Ed worked as a stunt double in drag and falls off a coach. Having watched the film, the only logical person for him to doubling for is Ellen Drew in a scene about and hour and a half into the movie, where she and Price are dragged from their coach by an angry mob.

For absolute completists only. (It's a good film, though. -ed.)
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Crime, Ed Acting, Western



Although available from a number of "specialty" video distributers, this film has had few mass market releases.


The Baron of Arizona

Manufacturer: Burbank Video
Video Format: NTSC
Comments: Image quality is very good.

The Baron of ArizonaManufacturer: Other Worlds Video
Video Format: NTSC
Comments: Other Worlds is a specialty retailer, so quality may vary.

The First Films of Samuel FullerManufacturer: Eclipse
Video Format: NTSC
Comments: Criterion Collection DVD Box set featuring Baron of Arizona as well as I Shot Jesse James and The Steel Helmet.


i.e.: "The Baron of Arizona"

This is the title The Baron of Arizona was released under in Argentina and Venezuela.

El Barón de Arizona I can find no release under this title. To the left is a lobby card.


The following are additional International titles that I have currently found no releases for. If you have any releases under any of these titles, please contact me.

No Image Available Der Baron von Arizona (Austria & West Germany)
"The Baron of Arizona"

Il Barone dell'Arizona (Italy)
"The Baron of Arizona"

Svindleren fra Santa Fé (Denmark)
"Swindler from Santa Fé"

Uhkapeliä Arizonassa (Finland)
"Gambling Arizonian"

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