The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr. - Credits
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This Web Site was written and authored by Philip R. Frey.

The Hunt would like to thank the following for their contributions:

Dwight Kemper
Provided information on It Came From Hollywood.

Andre Perkowski
Cleared up information on his productions Devil Girls and The Vampire's Tomb.

Tom Thompson
Sent in scans of promotional material for Shotgun Wedding.

David C. Hayes
Provided information on Ed Wood: Drag! and the fact that there is a video tape floating around of "Plan 9 - The Musical."

Bill Barounis
Provided information on and translation of the Greek title for Fugitive Girls.

Douglas North
Informed me of the fact that The Sun Was Setting is available for viewing at UCLA's Film & Television Library.
Noted the existance of a third "Pete LaRoche" film for the Apocrypha.

A reader who shall remain nameless
Sent in a copy of Necromania.

Eugene Grobbelaar
Provided information on Australian releases of Shotgun Wedding and Fugitive Girls;
plot synopsis and analysis of Shotgun Wedding, Hot Ice, For Love & Money and Lovemaking U.S.A.;
scans of Necromania and For Love & Money releases;
cast & crew information for For Love & Money.

David Tahir
Provided information on his productions I Awoke Early The Day I Died and The Vampyr's Coffin.

Hypnotic Video
Sent in clear scans of all their available titles.
Provided information on the Plan 9 From Outer Space 8mm releases.

Mark Martucci
Sent in a copy of The Lawless Rider.

Timothy J. Robinson
Sent in copies of Everybody Does It, The Oralists, and magazine stories and articles from "Pussy Willow", "Skin and Bones", "Famous Monsters of Filmland" and "Monster World".

Rob Elkin
Provided information on and images of several of Ed's books.

Ryan Bachman
Scan of Daring magazine, as well as info on Gold Diggers magazine and a Plan 9 From Outer Space Super 8 sound release spotted on eBay.

main filmography film categories books & publications miscellaneous items links contribute contact

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