Glen and Glenda (1994) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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Glen and Glenda
a.k.a. Glen y Glenda

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Directed by Frank Marino
Written by Eldo Farms & Edward D. Wood Jr. (script Glen or Glenda)
Wood regulars

Additional cast
Brigitte Aime
Kaitlyn Ashley
T.T. Boy
Brian Cox
Frank Marino
Peter North
Henri Paachard
Gerry Pike
Steven St. Croix
Marc Wallice
A police captain consults a psychiatrist to try and understand what drove a transvestite to suicide. The psychiatrist uses a case study to explain. Glen (St, Croix) is a transvestite with a problem. He's engaged to be married and has yet to tell his fiancé Barbara of his proclivities. Furthermore, he fantasizes regularly that he is "Glenda" (Ashley). Eventually we learn (after everyone has had a lot of sex) that Glen has told Barbara and they are going to work things out together.
This is a partial re-make of Ed's Glen or Glenda, utilizing actual dialogue from the original film. In fact, about two-thirds of the dialogue (what there is of it) is straight from Ed.

The scenes and dialogue not taken directly from Glen or Glenda are merely excuses for the actors to have sex.

Truly an Adult film, this one is not for everyone. But the dialogue is definitely Ed's and if you ever wanted to see just how bad his words could be acted, here's the place to see it.
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Adult, Posthumous, Transvestisism



This movie has been released on VHS and on DVD.

Glen and GlendaThis is Glen and Glenda's original release, from Caballero Video.

The practice of most adult film distributors was to keep their back catalog "in print." When a title was ordered, it was duped and packaged at that time. This means that copies made over different years may have different ads at the beginning or be of differing quality. My copy (bought in 2002) had a fairly good image, although there were instances where damage to the original was transferred to my copy. Older copies may not have these defects.

Glen and GlendaIn 2010, Caballero finally released Glen and Glenda on DVD. It is the same transfer as the VHS, so while the image is improved, there are still artifacts of its video origins.

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