Hellborn (1993) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr., et. al.
Written by Edward D. Wood, Jr., et. al.
Wood regulars
Henry Bederski
Ted Bederski
Conrad Brooks
Johnny Carpenter
Mona McKinnon
Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Additional cast
Peter Coe

This is primarily a retrospective on a film that might have been. Conrad Brooks hosts a look at the making of the film Hellborn, that Ed never finished. Some of the footage was later re-used in Night of the Ghouls and The Sinister Urge.

Hellborn itself seems to follow the plot of Urge to an extent with Brooks playing a tough not unlike the one Dino Fantini plays in that film. Ed can be seen as a fellow juvenile delinquent and Mona McKinnon plays some kind of moll. Ed also plays at least one woman who is attacked by Brooks (apparently to save the trouble of finding an actress for the scene - ed.).

This tape also features home movie footage shot by Ed for Conrad Brooks and his brothers, Henry & Ted Bederski (some of which can be seen in Ed Wood: Look Back In Angora). This footage is a kind of Western, although its plot (such as it is) is very loose and never really comes together.

This film also contains interview footage featuring Brooks and Brook's little seen film Mystery in Shadows.
Superior to its "sister film" On The Trail of Ed Wood, this one actually has some meat to it. The footage from Hellborn itself is quite interesting, although a long scene featuring Ed and Mona McKinnon has apparently deteriorated over time (unless it looked that bad when Ed shot it - ed.)

The "home movie" footage is less interesting but has the advantage of a running commentary by Brooks, explaining the action and telling stories about the shoot.

The inclusion of Brook's film Mystery in Shadows seems to be both an attempt to showcase Brook's skills and an attempt to fill out the tape. It's mildly interesting, but that's about it.

One of the more interesting segments features Brooks interviewing a bed-ridden Peter Coe. Coe was a successful actor in the 40's and 50's and it was in Coe's home that Ed died. Brooks talks with Coe about this and a possible biopic that Ed wanted to make starring Coe as Bela Lugosi. This is most likely the unmade Lugosi: Post Mortem.

Overall, this one is worth getting for the Ed-shot footage and is recommended to fans who want to see what might have been.
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Crime, Documentary, Ed Acting, Western



This title was released by Cult Video magazine.

HellbornThis is what the actual tape should look like.

The colors will sometimes vary from red to deep pink.

If you see one that looks different, it most likely is an unauthorized copy.

Hellborn DVDCult Movies apparently re-released this on DVD not too long ago. Here it is.

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