The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr. - Horror Films
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Ed shocks and scares.

Horror with regards to Ed is often indistinguishable from Science Fiction. But there are a few clear indicators that separate the genres.

Ed enjoyed these types of films, using the trappings of horror throughout his career.

Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires:
The Curse of Ed Wood

Features vampires and the contacting of the dead (Ed, himself!).
Bride of the Monster
Bride of the Monster features two Atomic creatures: the octopus and the transfigured Dr. Vornoff.
Final Curtain
A pure horror tale of an actor's encounter with the spirit world.
I Awoke Early The Day I Died
The thief meets his fate through an encounter with a witch.
Meatcleaver Massacre
A true horror film, Meatcleaver revolves around the gory revenge of a professor put in a coma by a few of his students.
Necromania is filled with the trappings of horror. There are countless skulls, coffins and scenes of death worship.
Night of the Ghouls
The dead return from the grave in this sequel to Bride of the Monster.
The Night The Banshee Cried
A tale of the dead, communicating from the other side.
The Only House
The same story as Necromania, there should be plenty of horror elements here.
Orgy of the Dead
The Lord of the Dead presides over a series of 'entertainments'. The dances performed by the spirits of the dead women matches the nature of their deaths.
Plan 9 From Outer Space
The walking dead are the central part of aliens' plans to take over the world.
Plan 9.1 From Outer Space
As a remake of Plan 9, this one has the same plot elements. But it is more horrible. Trust me.
The Unearthly
Monsters abound in this story of a mad scientist and his derenged experiments.
The Venus Flytrap
Madness overcomes an ambitious scientist as he creates a bizarre cross between man and plant.

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