The Incredible Strange Film Show: Ed Wood (1989) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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The Incredibly Strange Film Show: Ed Wood

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Directed by unknown
Written by unknown
Wood regulars
Dolores Fuller
Paul Marco
Vampira (as Maila Nurmi)
Gregory Walcott

Additional cast
Rudolph Grey
Valda Hansen
Norma McCarty
Harry Medved
Jonathan Ross

In 1988, Jonathan Ross hosted a TV show entitled "The Incredibly Strange Film Show" for the BBC's Channel 4. On it, Ross would cover various aspects of cult film; one or two subjects per episode. When the show was renewed for a second series (under the full title "Son of The Incredibly Strange Film Show"), Ed was the subject of one of the episodes. This is the earliest attempt at a significant documentary look at Ed's career and follows the same pattern as most Ed documentaries, focusing mainly on his earlier work and paying only passing attention to his adult period. The usual mix of actors, critics, friends and family members are, of course, also present. There is also a good bit of time devoted to the musical based on Plan 9 From Outer Space.
To be frank, the show lacks depth. It skims along the surface of Ed's career and finds precious few gems. From all that's been learned in the years since "The Incredibly Strange Film Show" aired, it's odd to see how little the show actually got out of the same people who would reveal much more in other projects.

It lacks the humor of Ed Wood: Look Back in Angora, the style of The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr. and the personal touch of Flying Saucers Over Hollywood. The only full-on production that it compares favorably to is the Ed episode of "Mysteries and Scandals". Even there, "Mysteries" is willing to delve into parts of Ed's life that "Incredbly Strange" shys away from.

"Incredibly Strage" also contains a large number of inaccuracies, from getting dates wrong to the normal mistaken information about the genesis of Plan 9 From Outer Space. All this can be forgiven, of course, as it was long before many serious studies of Ed's career had been made, but weaknesses like this make "Incredibly Strange" have little value considering what came after.

For serious collectors.
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This show has never been made available commercially. It aired only in the UK and once on the Discovery Channel.

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