Mystery Science Theater 3000 #610 - The Violent Years (1994) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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MST3K #610 - The Violent Years

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MST3K written by Mike Nelson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy, et. al.
MST3K directed by unknown

The Violent Years written by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
The Violent Years directed by William Morgan
MST3K cast
Mike Nelson
Trace Beaulieu
Kevin Murphy
Frank Coniff
Jim Mallon

Wood regulars
Timothy Farrell
Harry Keaton

Additional cast
Joanne Cangi
Lee Constant
Glenn Corbett
Gloria Farr
Theresa Hancock
I. Stanford Jolley
F. Chan McClure
Bruno Metsa
Arthur Milan
Jean Moorhead
Barbara Weeks

Dr. Forrester (Beaulieu) and TV's Frank (Coniff) have a new theme song: "Livin' In Deep 13", but it doesn't impress Mike (Nelson) and the Bots (Beaulieu & Murphy). Dr. Forrester decides to send them the short Young Man's Fancy and Ed Wood's The Violent Years.
As usual, The Violent Years was edited for use on MST3K. It does not seem to have been for content, however, as the missing scenes were innocuous.

Most of the host segments are odd, having little to do with the main feature. Especially odd is Tom's turn as Barbara Streisand. The final segment, featuring a stunning recreation of the riveting gas station holdup scene, however, is right on the button.

The riffing is quite good, with the guys really getting worked up over the "girls attack man" scene.
Best Line / Riff
"I want you girls to know I totally condone what you're doing." - Mike Nelson
File Under
Comedy, Crime, Ed Acting, Television, Transvestitism



This episode had never had a commercial release, although it is readily available from tape traders and bootleggers. Any such copies to be found on eBay or for sale anywhere else are illegal copies, be they VHS, VCD or DVD.

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