Night of the Ghouls (1959) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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Night of the Ghouls - VHS, DVD, Laserdisc
a.k.a. Revenge of the Dead
a.k.a. La Venganza de la Muerte - VHS
a.k.a. A Noite dos Espíritos

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Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Written by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Wood regulars
Henry Bederski
Conrad Brooks
Johnny Carpenter
David De Mering
Kenne Duncan
Harvey B. Dunn
Karl Johnson
Tor Johnson
Paul Marco
Dr. Tom Mason
Mona McKinnon
Duke Moore
Don Nagel
Bud Osborne
Jeannie Stevens

Additional cast
Valda Hansen
Mercelle Hemphill
Margaret Mason
Clay Stone

Reports of strange activities out by the Old Willow's place signal new adventures for Kelton the Cop & Co. An apparent mystic, Dr. Acula is engaging in rituals designed to raise the dead. But he may get more than he bargained for...
The third of the "Kelton Trilogy" (after Bride of the Monster and Plan 9 From Outer Space), Night of the Ghouls is the final moment of the Golden Age of Wood. Ed's last stab at mainstream filmmaking, it's a must for all Wood fans.
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Ed Acting, Horror



This was Ed's original title for the movie. Although the title was changed (apparently for previews), the film never had a full theatrical release at the time. Later, when the original footage was uncovered, it was released to video under its original title.

Not to be confused with the Peter Cushing film Night of the Ghoul.


Night of the Ghouls (nostalgia merchant)This could very well be the first release of Night of the Ghouls.

It's from Nostalgia Merchant.

Night of the Ghouls (Rhino)This is the release from Rhino Home Video.

This edition is hosted by Elvira, meaning it has a mildly amusing introduction featuring the 80's answer to Vampira.

The opening credits feature Wade Williams' name prominantly, having apparently altered the original credits as he has on other films he has acquired.

PROS: Good image. Inexpensive.
CONS: Out of print. Can be hard to find.

Night of the Ghouls (englewood)This is the edition from Englewood Entertainment.

Night of the Ghouls (UK)This is a British PAL release, most likely from the same source as the Englewood release.


Night of the Ghouls (image)This is the DVD release from Image.

The Ed Wood Collection - A Salute to IncompetanceManufacturer: Passport
Video Format: Region 1 - NTSC
Comments: This is a 2 disc DVD set that features six Ed films: Glen or Glenda, Jail Bait, Bride of the Monster, The Violent Years, Night of the Ghouls and Plan 9 From Outer Space.

It also features the same "Ed Wood Story" found on the previous Passport DVD of Plan 9.

Night of the Ghouls (avenue one)This is a PAL DVD release from Avenue One. If it is like the others, it is region free.

Night of the Ghouls (payless)This is an Australian DVD release from Payless.


The Ed Wood Collection: Plan 9 From Outer Space / Jail Bait / Night of the GhoulsThis is a laserdisc from Image Entertainemtn.

It also contains Plan 9 From Outer Space and Jail Bait.


This is the title that distributors added to the film after Ed was done with it. It may have been used for test screenings, but has apparently never has a legitimate release. Nonetheless, as the original titles have been shown, copies with this title intact may exist.

Revenge of the Dead Manufacturer: Video Dimensions
Video Format: NTSC
Comments: Extremely rare release under the original print title.


i.e.: "The Revenge of the Death"

This is the title under which Night of the Ghouls was released in Argentina

Vampiros del Espacio / La Venganza de la MuerteThis is a VHS PAL release from Argentina.

It contains both Revenge of the Dead and "Vampiros del Espacio" a.k.a. Plan 9 From Outer Space.

It is subtitled in Spanish.


i.e.: "The Night of the Spirits"

This is the title Night of the Ghouls was released under in Portugal. I have found no mass market release under this title.

No Image AvailableNIA

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