Plan 69 from Outer Space (1993) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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Plan 69 from Outer Space

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Directed by Frank Marino
Written by unknown
based loosely on Edward D. Wood Jr.'s original 1958 script to Plan 9 From Outer Space
Wood regulars

Additional cast
Brad Armstrong
Fifi Bardot
Dyanna Lauren
Woody Long
Frank Marino
Peter North
Blake Palmer
Beatrice Valle

Pilot Major Biff Bummer (North) and his co-pilot Iva Honeypot (Valle) an encounter with a flying saucer that looks like a paper plate and then have sex in the cockpit and then crash.

Later, rocket scientist Dyanna (Lauren) and her friend Melanie (Celeste), another rocket scientist, have sex when they realize it disrupts the operation of a flying saucer (that looks like a paper plate) that's buzzing them.

The space aliens, Platsko (Long) & Veck (Palmer) send a zombie in a Dracula cape (Armstrong) to abduct Dyanna. They have sex.

Major Bummer stumbles into Dyanna and Melanie's house and he has sex with Melanie.

After Melanie and the Major announce their engagement, the aliens arrive and abduct everybody. They reveal that they plan to replace the humans' bodies with robot bodies and use them to take over the world. They bring forth the ressurected Miss Honeypot to prove it can work.

The aliens then kill Major Bummer, Platsko has sex with Melanie and Miss Honeypot, Dyanna sabotages the ship, the girls escape and the aliens die.

This film has often been decribed as a porno version of Plan 9 From Outer Space, but really follows the original's plot in only a few ways. It would be more accurate to describe this as a parody of Plan 9 than any kind of re-make. There are bits clearly lifted from the original film: a mad talking narrator, a scene in a plane's cockpit, a space ship scene (obviously shot in a room), etc. There are also things intended as some sort of joke about Ed's movies: one character is always out of synch, there are intentional jump cuts, etc. But there is little of Ed's influence here, and (unlike Marino's other 'Ed' film, Glen and Glenda) none of his dialogue.

For the completists only.
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File Under
Adult, Comedy, Posthumous, Sci-Fi



This film was released by Caballero Video on two formats: VHS and CD-ROM.

Plan 69 from Outer SpaceThis is the standard VHS edition of Plan 69 from Outer Space.

It can still be obtained from a variety of sources.

The practice of most adult film distributors is to keep their back catalog "in print." When a title is ordered it is duped and packaged at that time. This means that copies made over different years may have different ads at the beginning or be of differing quality. My copy (bought in 2002) had a fairly good image, although there were instances where damage to the original was transferred to my copy. Older copies may not have these defects.

PROS: Easily acquireable. Usually inexpensive.
CONS: Newly bought copies may actually be of poorer quality than used ones.

Plan 60 from Outer Space (CD-ROM)This is a version of the film on CD-ROM. It contains the complete movie, plus (apparently) the entire Plan 9 from Outer Space as well.

Also contains software to create animated .gifs using stills from either movie and an option to "re-edit" Plan 69 from Outer Space integrating Bela Lugosi and Vampira into it.

PROS: Extra stuff you won't find with the video release. Complete extra movie.
CONS: Very difficult to locate. CD-ROM titles usually have poor video quality.

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