"Swedish Erotica" films (early 1970s) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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Original Box

(early 1970s)

"Swedish Erotica" films

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Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Written by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Wood regulars

Additional cast

Swedish Erotica was a series of Porno films in the 70s that featured short subjects featuring a variety of porn stars. Ed apparently wrote and directed the first 19 of them, all silent films. The titles are:
1. The Virgin Next Door (Part One)
2. The Virgin Next Door (Part Two)
3. School Girl
4. Western Lust
5. Love-Mates
6. Wet & Wild
7. Park Lovers
8. Girl on a Bike
9. Lusty Neighbor
10. Hollywood Starlet
11. Morning Walk
12. Big John Part I
13. Big John Part II
14. Devil Cult
15. Behind the Ate Ball Part I
16. Behind the Ate Ball Part II
17. 15" Commercial
18. Wives at Play
19. Two Hot to Handle

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Additional titles suggested by Rudolph Grey Nightmare of Ecstasy are Girl Friday, The Jailer and Massage Parlour, which may be from the "Cinema Classics" series Ed worked on before "Swedish Erotica".

If you have any additional details (or want to send me a copy of a proven Ed short), please e-mail me at rhindle@hotmail.com
I have only one of these films, #6 - "Wet & Wild". The most Ed-like aspect is the incongruous title, which has no connection whatsoever to the plot of the movie (such as it is).

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Ed's contributions to this series were available on the original standard 8mm films sold during the early 70's. The later "Swedish Erotica" film series was on Super 8 and did not involve Ed, nor did he have any involvement in the later video series.

Swedish EroticaThis is an example of the kind of box that the original, silent, Swedish Erotica films came in.

All film came with the same cover/catalog seen here. Individual numbers and titles are found on the spine of the film.

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