The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr. - Documentaries
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Ed on the record.

Since his death and subsequent fame, Ed has been made the subject of quite a few documentaries.

They range from full blown productions, to episodes of TV shows, but they all help illuminate Ed and his career in one way or another.

Autonetics Aviation films
How-To's that Ed made for the Aeronautics company.
Citizen Wood
Mini-documentary released on DVD alongside "Mystery Science Theater 3000 #610 - The Violent Years".
Ed Wood: Drag!
E! special.
Ed Wood: Look Back In Angora
Rhino's tounge-in-cheek documentary focuses (not surprisingly) on the films available from Rhino.

Notable for being the only documentary to feature Ed's widow, Kathy.
Flying Saucers Over Hollywood:
The Plan 9 Companion

Focusing hardest (obviously) on Plan 9 From Outer Space, yet giving time to other Ed projects, Flying Saucers has an extreme low-budget sensibility.

It also has extreme depth, however. Really opening up the world of Ed and his co-workers to the un-initiated.
The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Produced by John Crawford Thomas, Ed's first collaborator, Haunted World takes a much more stylistic, professional approach than other Ed documentaries.
A series of interviews with Conrad Brooks, along with footage of unseen Ed material, this has more of a true documentary feel than On The Trail of Ed Wood.

It is still quite simplistic, however, yet yields much more information than it's sister project.
Hollywood Rated 'R'
I know nothing about this film except that it does feature Ed.
The Incredibly Strange Film Show: Ed Wood
BBC Channel 4 TV series.
It Came From Hollywood
Offbeat comedic look at 'bad cinema', including a special section on Ed.
Love Making, U.S.A.
Early 1970's hardcore 'documentary' on the state of the porn industry.
Mysteries & Scandals: Ed Wood
Episode of the popular E! TV Show "Mysteries & Scandals", this one tells Ed's story in A.J. Benza's typical harsh tone.
On The Trail of Ed Wood
Not so much a documentary as just a tape of Conrad Brooks talking, On The Trail has the distiction of being the first Ed-related material of this type to be released commercially.
Sex Education Corespondence School
'Instructional' movies.
Take It Out In Trade - The Outtakes
Strait-up footage not used for the film.
Trick Shooting
with Kenne Duncan

Since there is no storyline, this film, directed by Ed, seems to fit in this category.

It is basically footage of Duncan showing off his trick shooting techniques.

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