The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr. - Ed Acting
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Ed was not a natural actor. But he always seemed to give his all when the camera was rolling. Even if his all wasn't much.

The Baron of Arizona

stuntman - "Woman falling from stagecoach"

Crossroad Avenger

Crossroads of Laredo


Shot before the main action begins, Ed's character's demise sets the stage for the main story.
Fugitive Girls

Man on street, "Pops", and the Sheriff

"Pops" is the key role here, with Ed actually trying to really perform, hamming it up as a feul station attendant.
The Sheriff is a very different role, with Ed doing a convincing job with the little he has to do in the part.

All in all, the best example of Ed's range as an actor.
Glen or Glenda


Ed's greatest(?) part. His Charles Foster Kane.

Juvenile Delinquent / various women

Ed plays the heavy opposite Conrad Brooks, but also doubles for occasional female characters in the footage originally shot for Hellborn.
He appears only as himself in the "Home Movie" footage.
Jail Bait

radio announcer
The Love Feast

Mr. Murphy

Ed's largest role since Glen or Glenda, he serves mainly as comic relief to the sexual shenanigans.
Love Making U.S.A.

Mrs. Stone's Thing

Night of the Ghouls

Man in fight

In fight footage with Conrad Brooks (more of which is seen in The Sinister Urge) originally shot for Hellborn.
Nympho Cycler


Ed plays the cross-dressing husband whose abusive ways leads to his wife's sex spree.
Plan 9 From Outer Space

"Man at funeral"
The Sinister Urge


In a fight with Conrad Brooks originally shot for Hellborn.
Take It Out In Trade


As footage in Take It Out In Trade: The Outtakes clearly shows, Ed is playing a transvestite here, not a woman.
Take It Out In Trade - The Outtakes

"Alecia" / himself

The stuff that wasn't good enough for the film.

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